Email signatures without the fuss.

Email signatures are a great way to quickly identify yourself and give context to whoever it is who is receiving an email from you. You can let the reader know who you are, what company you might represent and what your role is. You can also provide some quick links to your website or other useful content.

Mailbum’s simple aim is to provide a minimalistic set of email signatures that you can quickly configure and install on your email client within a few minutes.

If you’re looking for a huge amount of templates and a drag and drop style builder, Mailbum is probably not for you. Our focus is building a small set of tried and tested signatures that you can quickly configure without breaking.

We’re also building a set of useful tools around the email space; our first being a handy email responder. If you’ve received an email and are struggling to work out how to respond, why not give our response generator a try? Who knows... it might nail it first try.